Just got back to my hotel room from Coachella


… … … I can’t believe it. I can’t believe what I saw, what I sang, and what I felt. I was me. I learned who I am. I learned my own smallness. I was 1 in the crowd. I wandered. I got lost. I ran. I danced. I fell to my knees a few times… I stumbled upon Foster the People’s set last night and I teared up. It’s just fucking music man. It’s just fucking music… No… It wasn’t. It was a feeling. It’s existence. It was a feeling shared between all of us. It was happiness, sadness, and wisdom all felt in one. I stared at the beautiful light and I thought about my life back at home and everything felt extremely irrelevant. Coachella was an extremely humbling experience. If you’ve never gone, you should go at least once in your life. You’ll find yourself in something you would never expect. Everyone is a lot nicer than expected. You won’t find Vanessa Hudgens, but you will bump into girls much more beautiful than she will ever be, and you will come across some really weird looking people but they’re probably having more fun than you. Arcade Fire will take you into a whole new world. Dance to music you don’t get. It’s not a fashion show. Food sucks. Only the gyros are good. Water’s mad cheap. Go to Coachella.

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Look at da notes hello

Hello *heart eyes emoji*



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Some Basic French Expressions

for someone who speaks French….this is fucking awful. 

im sorry but im a professional frencher, this is the most accurate french language you’ll ever purchase, I promise you this

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i am taught to scream “fire” when
a man grabs my wrists because i
have a bigger chance of getting
help than if i were to yell “rape”,
i am taught to keep my mouth shut
when a boy with bruised knuckles
whistles at me, i am taught long
sleeves in school, to hide my knee’s:
the threshold of my thighs, i am taught
short skirts and to wear cigarette burns
as punishments, i am taught to hold my
tongue in the palms of my brain, i am
taught to shut up, swallow my words,
chew my lipstick, speak when i am told,
i am taught to scream “fire” when a man
grabs my wrists, but he is never taught

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  April 18, 2014 at 10:21pm
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Coac(hella expensive)

Coac(hella far away)

Coac(hella wish I could go)

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my life is just a collection of poorly made decisions with alternative music playing in the background

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April 11, 2014 - Kylie Jenner at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival.