I really don’t do this kind of stuff nor am I affiliated with LUSH, but as a teenager I’ve been extremely self-conscious about my skin (face). My face was at its worst around 2011 - 2012. Not to mention I’ve had eczema on the lids of my eyes back in 2002.

Before using LUSH, I  tried Neutrogena products. Just recently, I stopped using my Clean & Clear Morning Burst facial scrub.

I was browsing through Janine’s Tumblr & saw she posted a link to her friend’s blogspot about getting rid of acne/acne scars. It wasn’t until around the end of 2012 when I started looking into LUSH products. I figured that I’d just buy the Tea Tree Water toner to go with my (old) skincare routine.

If I’m using new products, I usually give them a month or 2 until I start seeing results. Within a month, I noticed my acne scars were fading (and I had A LOT of acne scars). But then I noticed my skin was still oily, dry, and I still had pimples.

My God-sister, Nessiah, & I have the exact, if not, nearly, the same skin type. I saw that she went to LUSH and bought the same toner I have & the Fresh Farmacy cleanser. She told me she’s been using that cleanser for a while now & that she loved it. Trusting her judgement, I thought I’d start using that cleanser too.

Last week, I went into LUSH to just get samples of their products. A worker sat down with me & asked what I was looking for and what type of skin I had. I told her I heard about the Ocean Salt scrub and Fresh Farmacy cleanser, and just wanted to try those out. Judging by what I told her, she told me those products are great for my skin. So, I got sample of those 2 & she recommended a moisturizer & gave me a sample of that as well.

Around the first 2 weeks of using the samples, I already noticed AMAZING results with my skin. I knew I already didn’t have to wait until I was done with my samples (which last for a while) to know I need to buy them! Yesterday, my mom bought them in full size, but the Imperialis moisturizer was out of stock but the worker gave her a sample of what they had left.

I’ve NEVER been this happy/satisfied with my skin.

I absolutely love LUSH, not to mention that ALL of their products are freshly made (they have an expiration date), AND they do not test on animals. Even on every product it mentions who made it and when it was made! I love what they stand for; it’s all for a good cause!

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  August 11, 2013 at 02:55pm
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